DIMEMO’s objective is to constitute a hydraulic head. This is well known in hydraulics for the numerous applications in the field of energy production. In this case, the goal is achieved by exploiting the sea wave motion.  The device consists of a rubble mound breakwater with a frontal reservoir designed to capture the wave overtopping from a sloping ramp in order to convert wave energy into potential energy. Water stored in the reservoir produces energy by flowing through low head hydraulic turbines, using the difference in water level between the reservoir and the main sea water level.  The reservoir, operating a lamination of the water flux entered, allows also to reduce the irregularities of the waves, constituting a higher continuity of the energy stored with a significant reduction of the transitional regimes between the different phases of the reservoir (filling and emptying).  The result is a highly stable energy production that increases the service life of the system turbine-generator.  The DIMEMO has the great advantage to operate with different levels of hydraulic head acting on the turbine, ensuring the high efficiency and minimizing the number of “start-stop” steps of the electro-mechanical apparatus.

Technically, the DIMEMO can be described (except for the shape) as a classical reinforced concrete structure with a vertical crown wall, built in situ with the traditional construction techniques.  DIMEMO device can be integrated not only in the new breakwater but the design can be applied also in harbour expansion or existing breakwater reducing the costs considering that breakwater would be built regardless of the inclusion of the DIMEMO.  The greatest advantage compared to a traditional breakwater (in addition to the electrical energy production) is the large saving of the amount of natural or artificial blocks for the armour layer and the concrete used for the crown wall of the breakwater. Concerning the effectiveness, the device can be considered as the best compromise for the application on the Mediterranean Sea.  Unlike other WECs devices that need to be in phase with the waves, DIMEMO is able to gather the contribution of the entire sea state with all the irregularities of the distribution in the time domain.  Obviously, the geometric configuration is site specific, i.e. it would be adapted according to the climatic conditions of the specific site.




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