Two main aspects should be taken into account as for the economic benefits of this technology.  First, the scientific research can be transformed, in the short/medium term, into industrial innovation and commercial technology, attracting international investors in this sector. Given that Italy is largely surrounded by water (7456 Km of coastline), its future energy demand could be supported by the energy source based on the sea. Moreover, the Italian electricity sector is traditionally based on the consumption of oil and natural gas and it still depends on foreign suppliers, requiring large imports of electricity from neighboring countries (France, Austria, Switzerland and Slovenia).

This is one of the main reasons why the electricity prices in Italy are indeed among the highest in Europe. In addition, most of the fossil fuels come from countries with high socio-political instability, making Italy easily subject to speculation. However, Italy is leader in European countries for the policy instruments designed to support the implementation of renewable energy sources, with the highest feed-in tariff (which is the highest ever for the wave energy sector).
The second aspect is represented by the secondary activities and other indirect benefits that can derive from it. For instance, the “know-how” to export in all those countries (mostly developing countries) that indeed may have huge energetic marine energy.  Let’s mention the example of other European countries (such as Denmark for the wind energy, Germany for photovoltaics or others Research Institutes in the Nord of Italy) which have experienced business benefits, often greater in exporting of the intellectual property and technical expertise rather than in the direct commercial application in their internal market. From this point of view, there is a great importance technical aspect: the Mediterranean, in fact, can be considered as a natural laboratory in the small scale of the Atlantic weather forecasts and oceanic climate, reducing the cost for the construction of prototype devices.

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